loksabha election of 2019

As we know that the loksabha elections are on headlines nowadays. Congress and BJP are giving a tough fight. Everyone’s eye is on the upcoming election of 201


9. And the whole India is willing to know the Prime Minister of India for the next five years. It is the most crucial and hectic time for all the parties, they have tightened there seat belts for a tough and challenging fights. New schemes are being launched for the brighter future of India. We know that job crisis has always been a harsh side of our country.

According to the citizens of India, there are more citizens and fewer job opportunities. Our government has always focused on how to increase the number of jobs. To overcome this, the president of Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi has launched a new scheme.

According to this scheme, Rs 72,000 per year will be given to poor families. According to Raghuram Rajan, NYAY scheme announced by Congress will promote growth definitely but his only doubt was will our Indian economy be able to afford such a scheme or not?



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