driverless cars

Technology is increasing with every increasing day. Everyday we hear about new technologies in our cell phones laptops and many such other devices. But have we ever imagined sitting in a car, relaxing with the music on with the cup of coffee in our hand, your driver drives you to your location and this is done not by the human driver but by the self-driving cars i.e. driverless cars.

It might be shocking to all of you as you read this. But yes it is true. Scientist are working on this project and many test drives have also been made. Car will be having the capability to drop the passenger at his/her location by automatic means through pre-set commands or the instruction given by us. Within the upcoming years, these cars will become a reality and will change the future in a complete way. This car will be capable of sensing its environment, the traffic around the car, navigation , etc.

without any human interference. There will be many benefits of this car as it will help and ease the travel for physically disabled people. Car owners would be able to carry on there work in car i.e. time consumption. Decrease the level of accidents and many more such benefits.

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